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MERINOS GEO stock service

This yarn is one of the most historic carded yarns in our collection and fully reflects the needs of a world that demands sustainability. In its Geo version, 50% of the wool fiber comes from the recycling technique and 20% from polyamide, both GRS certified.

A tag to be applied to the garment will, on request, inform the end consumer of its characteristics in terms of saving water, emissions and use of pesticides.

The yarn count 15.2 is used for 12 gg with excellent results on both loom-knit and all structured stitches with 2 or more plies.

It is accompanied by a shade card with 50 colors in Stock Service which makes it an easy protagonist in multi color jacquard knits. Out-of-stock or sample colors can be produced with a minimum of 80 kg.

MERINOS GEO stock service
WO Wool
PA Polyamide