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Lory Brulée

In our collections for years, we have been making yarns that allows to get felted comfort effects. This is the carded version made with a pure Wool and obtaining a very high quality RWS certified.

We start by twisting a small percentage of Elastane with our LORY GEO that allows to be comfort even after the felting treatment.  

In its felted look the fibers are mixed creating a brushed effect without being brushed, if washed gently it goes to fill perfectly the knit stitches making them three-dimensional despite the fine count.

The yarn count is Nm 13000 for 7-gauge machine.

The minimum is very low, only 10 kgs by using the colors from the LORY GEO RWS Stock Service shade card.

Lory Brulée
WO Wool
PA Polyamide
EA Elastan