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CASHFIVE GEO stock service

An historical yarn now known and appreciated for its Eco-sustainability. This article in 5% Cashmere Viscose Wool and Polyamide, uses GRS certified fibers from recycling processes with a great saving of electricity, water, CO2 emissions and the use of chemicals.

With a count of 15000 and 90 colors Stock Service, over the years it has become a very important part of many collections that rely on it and are costantly using its properties

To be worked on 12gg machine, it has a soft touch suitable for a basic that ranges from the accessory to jersey knitwear from the structured knit to the intarsias and multicolor jacquard.

All the colors of the renewed card are Stock Service with a count of 1/15 that allows customers to ask for the multiplied or moulinè versions.

In the color card are presented an important number of colors twisted with lurex, creating the article CASHFIVE LUX; on all basic colors new combos can be made with a minimum of 10 kg.

The color shades of the article CASHFIVE GEO can be made with a minimum of 80 kg.

CASHFIVE GEO stock service
WO Wool
PA Polyamide
VI Viscose
WS Cashmere
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