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It is a classic and very successful yarn that in many collections has replaced the Virgin Cashmere due to its sustainability, even keeping the same look and hand feel. 
In count 2/12 the recycled fiber GRS is predominant and allows an important save of water, electricity and chemical product. You can see on our social page an informative video explaining the various recycling processes that permit us to get the GRS certification. 
Knitted on 7 gauge you can get a very soft hand feel that can be reached also with lower gauges. 
Each yarn counts to be knitted on 7gg and it can be proposed as an ongoing item perfect to be worn early in the season, like light garments and unstructured obtained with looser knitting, with more informal and modern hand feel and look. 
The Stock Service supported colors in the 2/12 yarn count are indicated in the color card with the symbol of a ladybug, while with the symbol of the flower are indicated the Stock Service supported colors of the yarn count 2/18.
It’s also possible to develop own colors within the limit imposed by the recycled fiber.

WS Cashmere
WO Wool
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